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US Solar Eclipse Glasses for 2023-24, bulk purchase, 50-packs

$ 82.00 USD

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American PaperWear produces high-quality ISO 12312-2 compliant solar eclipse glasses with classic black polymer lenses.  Our ISO testing results are posted on our website.  Each side displays one of the two US solar eclipse events in 2023-24 for a unique commemorative design.  They are reversible so you can use one pair for either eclipse event. 

We offer these solar eclipse glasses in 50-count packages.  Each pair is individually wrapped with stems folded.  This packaging option is more convenient for storage, protects the lenses and keeps the solar eclipse glasses pristine until used.

American PaperWear is now shipping your orders via Amazon multi-channel fulfillment at no extra cost to our customers.  Your order will be delivered with the convenience and advantages that only Amazon can provide.

We keep our prices low by importing under FDA license #3018253051.  Our long supply line can be disrupted so we appreciate your patience when this occurs and will contact you regarding late delivery.

Contact us directly to reserve your order and for customization requests.   

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