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About Us

Affordable Eco-friendly sunglasses

American Paperwear, LLC

American PaperWear™ are customized or ready-to-wear paper-framed sunglasses. Customers’ artwork, logos, taglines, contact information and other messaging can be printed on the paper frames during production. Our products are aimed towards organizations and businesses that purchase large quantities of promotional products for distribution to their patrons and customers.


American PaperWear™glasses evolved from cardstock-framed 3D glasses which is an established product on the market for 40 years. American PaperWear developed modern designs based on popular sunglass styles while still maintaining sufficient frame and stem space for visible branding to be applied to the eyewear.


There are no screws, hinges, stems, frames or lenses to assemble. No post-production pad or screen printing customization. Only low-cost cardstock materials are used. American PaperWear™glasses are printed products that can roll off the press by the 100s of 1000s to keep the cost of production very low.

American PaperWear is Eco-friendly

American PaperWear™glasses are made from renewable cellulose-based products. All materials used, including the lens material, are biodegradable. American PaperWear glasses are completely recyclable and may be discarded without concern that the product will add to the burden of environmental pollution.


This is a fresh distinctive product that can be designed for creative self-expression or as an advertising medium. We call that “eyevertising”. Our product appeals to those who want eyewear that is truly distinctive. Contact us to have us create one for you!