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Design Studio - Solar Eclipse Glasses

American PaperWear Solar Eclipse Glasses uses the Retro Classic frame design.  This stark, simple design with its square frame and lenses and wide stems is well suited to customization. Organizations can create branded commemorative designs as a keepsake for this awe-inspiring astronomical event.

You can create a design proof for yourself or your customers using the Design Studio.  First, read the instructions below.  Then click on the Customize button to design your unique solar eclipse glasses.  American PaperWear is offering a $50 discount off the standard customization charge when you use this tool to prototype your concept.


When you enter the Design Studio, you will see the solar eclipse frame template on the left and the design options on the right.

o  You can upload one of more images including a background fill pattern and logo artwork.

o  You can add text, fonts and special effects to your artwork.

o  You can move, resize and layer your design elements

o  Be mindful of the score lines where the stems bend as they will impact your design.

o  Both sides can be imprinted . See Front/Back buttons on lower left to switch views.

o  The ISO warning and disclaimer must be displayed on the product to maintain ISO 12312-2 compliance.

Save your design when you are finished, Your saved designs will be available for future editing, sharing and printing.  When ready, click on the Request Quotation button and fill out the request form. This will send your design and request to our production team.  American PaperWear will send you a cost estimate. We will proceed with the design once the estimate is accepted.  Our graphic artists will collaborate with you to finish your design and prep it for production.

Once the final proof is approved, we will invoice you for the order and your unique solar eclipse glasses are on the way!