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Post-dilation glasses

$ 0.41 USD

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Our Post-dilation glasses provide eye protection from light sensitivity due to medical eye dilation.  Our post-dilation lenses block 91% of all light and eliminate 97% UV in a comfortable, eco-friendly frame.  The stylish design is a step up from other post-dilation eyewear.  Each pair is individually wrapped for safe, sanitary distribution.  They are unbreakable, shatterproof and recyclable.

The large lenses allow for a full field of vision and the broad stems block ambient side light. The stems are adjustable for fit, or for wearing over existing eyeglasses.  Our lenses meet ANSI Z80.3 standards and are qualified for wearing while driving. 

Optical providers can brand this frame with your custom design and provide your patients with helpful information.  Try our generic design or contact us for premium customization and packaging options.

We are offering these post-dilation glasses to first-time customers at an introductory price of $.41 each.  Minimum order of 1000 pcs.