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Customization Options

It’s easy to create American PaperWear™ sunglasses!

If you’re looking for promotional sunglasses then you’ve come to the right place! Even better, our customization options give you the chance to add your own unique touch.  You select a frame design, fill pattern, lens tint, text and graphics using the online design tool, or collaborate with our graphic artists. 

Your sunglasses are made-to-order on sturdy cardstock with TAC lenses and full color printing.  You can print anything on your sunglasses that you can imagine.

Ready to get started? Follow the instructions below! 

Select your frame design from the frame collection.  Click on the Design button to enter the sunglass designer environment.  Upon entering, you will see an exterior view of your frame displayed, ready for your customization.

Select a skin from available fill patterns.  There are many skin themes to choose from.  Try as many as you like until you find the right one.

Select a lens tint from a palette of available colors.  All lenses are UV protected and polarized and default to 10% grey if no tint is selected.

Add text and pics to the sunglass stems.  Just click on the stems to drag and drop or enter your content and size and position it on the stem.

Repeat on Interior view.  Click on the Interior view tile to design the inside of the sunglasses.  It is recommended that you use a complimentary color as the interior skin.  You can add additional pics and text content on the interior stem.

Approve design, Complete checkout.  Your sunglasses are your own design. You can save and print your design.  When you complete checkout, a sales confirmation and a proof copy of the design will be emailed to youYou must confirm your artwork to proceed.  Please allow three weeks for delivery..

USA Sports

Click here to be taken to our sister site for customization.

Retro Classic

Click here to be taken to our sister site for customization.